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Health Insurance Plans
Many extended health plans/benefits provide funding for speech-language pathology services. You can find out the details of your coverage by calling your insurer or by reviewing your health plan policy booklet. When investigating your coverage, ask about:

  • Coverage for speech-language therapy which may be listed under speech-language pathology, speech therapy, paramedical, other health services, professional services, health spending account, rehabilitation services, or other medically necessary services
  • Limitations and exclusions of coverage
  • Coverage for both assessment and treatment/therapy services
  • Reimbursement per session, per year and per person
  • Coverage for parent training? Is it deducted from the parent’s coverage or the child’s?
  • When does your coverage renew (e.g., calendar year, 12 months from first visit, work anniversary, fiscal year)
  • Is a physician’s referral needed? Are any other documents required to submit the claim?

Grants and Bursaries
Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication
President’s Choice Children’s Charity
Jennifer Ashleigh Foundation
Ceridian Cares

Income Tax Credits and Deductions
Disability Tax Credit
Medical Expenses

The government has income tax deductions to alleviate some of the burden for individuals and families paying for medical-related expenses. Fees for speech-language pathology services may be claimed as a Medical Expense when you file your income taxes. More information is available through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) links below or you can speak to a qualified accountant.
Child Disability Benefit