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Assessment Fees

Assessment Fees


Assessments require a much greater amount of time than just the time spent with the child in the office. This is because the tests that are administered need to be scored, results transcribed, and all the data need to be analyzed and integrated in order to formulate an overall impression of the pattern of strengths and weaknesses.


Different types of communication disorders entail different amounts of

direct assessment time, as well as different amounts of time to score tests, transcribe speech and language samples, analyze and integrate results, and as well as to prepare a summary report for you.


The following are the assessment costs for the various difficulties we treat

(The price includes a one page hand-written summary report):


Type of Assessment Fee
Articulation $180
Motor Speech $280
Preschool Speech & Language $250
Stuttering $280
Social Communication $250
School Age Language $310
Literacy or Language Learning Disability $625
Screening Clinic $125/hour


If you require a more detailed report, this can be provided to you at the additional cost of $125/hour based on the time to write the report (which typically is the equivalent of the time spent with your child in the office completing the assessment).